Android Bingo Sites Play

Want to play Android bingo no deposit on your snazzy new phone?

Good news – there are now dozens of sites designed for the Android user, and many of them offer no deposit bonuses.

Every year, new, more powerful smart phones are released, and as a result, mobile bingo sites are becoming ever more popular. Have you caught onto the thrilling trend it yet? If not, then here’s some interesting news about Android bingo.
As an Android player, you will have to download the app onto your phone, but that’s great news, as it makes full use of that highly-sensitive touchscreen and all the other great features on your handset.

Rather than playing through the website, you can take full advantage of the app – it gives you access to the Android’s superior touchscreen controls, and gives a better video and audio experience.

And what happens if your phone reception cuts out in the middle of a thrilling game? Good news – the bingo site will automatically keep track of your numbers, so when you pick your reception back up, you could be a big winner. This is very important, because you will not ever find yourself out-of-pocket, because of poor reception.

Ease yourself comfortably into the world of Android Bingo no deposit at a site like Comfy Bingo. Not only can you play on your Android, you can use an iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Nokia.

The most exciting thing about Comfy is this – all players get a £15 mobile bonus to try the experience for free. Now grab your Android handset, and sign up – there’s £15 waiting in the bank for you.