Mad about bingo?

Then you need to get to Mad About Slots. This is the only place where you can play one minute mobile bingo, and it really is quite something special. It’s rapidfire, and ridiculously exciting – tickets cost from just 10p each, and the jackpots get bigger by the minute.

 Dive into the chat facility

Now I know that some mobile bingo sites don’t have a chat facility, but at Mad About Slots, you can chitter and chatter with your favourite roomies all day long. Find out the latest gossip, play chat games and win points – it’s all easy and straightforward to get started.

 Mobile roulette

And just like you can play slots and casino games when you play online bingo, you can also play them when you indulge in mobile bingo as well. Mobile roulette is the latest innovation, with all the fun and excitement of the live casino. Bet between 10p and £25 per position, and a  seriously big win could be on the way. This version is American roulette, and the graphics are clearer than ice cold Martini. Choose your positions, choose your bet, and hit spin – where will the little skipping ball land? Only you will find out.

 Dive deep to Poseidon’s kingdom

Hold your nose and take the plunge, we’re diving deep into Poseidon’s kingdom. This cartoony slot may look fun and fluffy, but once you take the plunge, you’ll discover some seriously big jackpots. This fishy game has five reels and 25 potential pay lines, and you can bet between 5p and £25 per spin. There’s a £5 no deposit bonus waiting for you as well, so sign up and get stuck into the maddest mobile bingo site of all.