The Anniversary Games are on

Can you believe the Olympics were a year ago? To celebrate the London 2012 Anniversary Games, you can enter your very own race at Bingo Cove. To qualify, you need to call a full house as many times as possible from July 25 to August 1. Do this, and you’ll be winning a gold medal – first-place is £500. Qualify in second to 20th place to win £25 each, and even if you finish way down between 21st and 50th place you’ll win 2500 loyalty points.

Newborn baby bonus code

On the day of the Royal birth, you can cash in and double your dosh. Deposit £20, and you’ll get £40 to play with, but only if you use the code NEWBORN. Also during the week of the birth, if you’re in amongst the top five players to call a full house on the pacifier (a.k.a. dummy) pattern, you could win £200 each. This tournament starts the moment the Royal baby is born.

It’s edging ever closer…

… your chance to win 5mart Car, or £5000 in cash. You will only know if you play in this incredible game which is playing on August 1 at 8 PM. Play mobile bingo and you could be winning free tickets for the game – cover the letters that make up the word CAR, cover the car pattern, or call a full house on the number 5.

VIP Caribbean getaway

Oh yes – here’s another huge competition – you could be winning a 10 day all-inclusive Caribbean break, and all you need to do is win the big game on July 11 at 8 PM. This competition is only open to gold and platinum VIPs – let’s hope that you’re already a member of this elite club so you can join in with the game.