Play Gala on your mobile

Gala is one of the most well-known gaming sites in the country, and it goes without saying that their mobile bingo site is excellent too. Now you can play loads of your favourite games on smartphones and tablet computers – it only takes a second to download, or you can scan in your QR code. And best of all, your mobile balance and account details are identical to your online account details.

January ticket attack

Make your money go miles further this month, and win potentially large jackpots with the January Ticket Attack. Play between 6 PM and midnight, and enjoy buy one get one free games, buy one get three free games, strip for a strip – buy six, get six, and Super Spotlight Jackpot games. You can also enjoy Cash Climber games, roll on games with five full houses, and Big Super Spotlights – what a lineup – will you have enough energy to last through the night? Perhaps a cup of coffee may be required.

Stay up with the night owls

If you work night shifts, or you have a little baby who wakes you in the night, then consider joining the Night Owl gang which plays between 2 AM to 6 AM. Every single evening, Gala give away £2500 in prizes – these include buy one get one free games, penny bingo, Gold Ticket Games, +1 TG and 2 TG games. Put on a dressing gown, grab your mobile, and head to the Metropolis Room to join the other creatures of the night.