Glossy Bingo Play

Celebrities, step this way
If you’re looking for glamorous mobile bingo sites, then turn the page, and open up Glossy Bingo. With its gossip magazine theme, and glamorous roomies, you’ll soon feel at home here, whether you’re a zed-list star, or a-list star.

£1500 Megapot
Make a date in your Filofax to play at Glossy on the last Friday of the month. The game is called the Monthly Megapot, and it plays at 10 PM. And good news for cost-conscious roomies – you earn one free ticket with every £20 you deposit this month.

The big £10,000 game
Then on the last Saturday of the month, there is a massive £10,000 game. Usually tickets to games like this are fairly expensive, but it’s buy six, get six free, at the price of £1 per ticket.

The £2000 Jackpot
The final game in the hat trick is the Monthly £2000 game. This plays on the last Sunday of the month, and sadly, there aren’t any special deals on this particular game.

Major progressive jackpot
Imagine a jackpot that STARTED at £5000? This is precisely what happens at Glossy. This jackpot must go – if nobody has won it by the end of the week, the number of balls to win will increase, until one roomie walks off with the swag.

Get glamorous, get glossy
Sign up at Glossy today, deposit £10, and you’ll get £50 to play with.