Sweet dividends
It’s the sweetest way to become a millionaire, and you can do it at Sugar Bingo. Play at this brand-new mobile bingo site, on the third Thursday of every month at 10 PM, and £1 million could be yours for a mere 25p per ticket. £1 million is the top prize – it depends on how quickly you mark your numbers off. However, even if your numbers don’t come up in record time, £1000 is absolutely guaranteed.

£10,000 every week
Another opportunity to get rich quick – in the £10,000 game, your jackpot can multiply over and over again. Tickets cost 10p, and it’s your key to even more winnings.

£10,000 Payday
There’s a recurring theme here – big winnings for tiny ticket prices. In Payday Bingo, you can pay 30p, to win a £10,000 top prize, and £2000 guaranteed.

Meet the Millionaire Genie
That magical blue genie has an insane £2.4 million jackpot up for grabs. This glorious game has the sweetest of 3-D graphics, integrated into a delicious and unique video slot. The free spins guarantee high wins – you’ll definitely be craving for more.

£100,000 Jackpot Train
It’s one of the biggest mobile bingo jackpots of all time, and it’s pulling into Sugar Bingo soon. Win up to £100,000 on May 31. What’s more, you can earn 30 free tickets any time you play in the Free Cards room. The full house prize is £5000 minimum, and all 1 TG and 2 TG players will bag £2500 between them. Start with £1, and get up to £35 free when you join brand-new Sugar Bingo.