How to play 90 ball mobile bingo

If you’re new to the wonderful world of mobile bingo, then first of all congratulations. Second of all, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about. Well, playing 90 ball could not be easier. Firstly, click how many tickets you want to buy – they only cost a couple of pence, so you may as well splash out (Within reason).Then take a look at your card – it’s made up of nine columns and three rows. Each row has nine numbered squares and four blank squares. And then the numbers start being drawn – they are marked off automatically, so you can concentrate on other things such as playing a mini game, or gossiping in the chat room.

How do I win?

Good question – did you know that there are three different ways to win in the 90 ball game? Either mark off one horizontal line, two horizontal lines, or the full house, which is 30 numbers.

Head for Consolation Station

There’s a new Consolation game every Monday at 8:05 PM in the Sunset Strip Room. Cards only cost 5p, or you can buy 40 and get 10 free. Cover the first line to win £4, the second line to win £6, and the full house prize is £10. However, here is the good bit – if you missed the full house by one number, you’ll get a cut of £80.

New player bonus

But first, you’ve got to open your account and get your free cash – sign now, make it happen – you’ll be rewarded with £15 free for your efforts.