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Secret Santa is still in town

If you thought that Father Christmas had disappeared across the rooftops, then you would be wrong. He is still dishing out presents at Bob’s Mobile Bingo, in the form of Super Santa. Every day, nine lucky players will win a big present, and you can either decide to keep it, or exchange it for bonus points, or real cash. Play at Bob’s Bingo, and if you spend £15 or more, Bob will put you into the draw to win something special – £20 free. This competition is only available to new players, and it’s only running until the end of December, so try your best to enter it.

Please play responsibly

Bob is always concerned for the well-being of his roomies – he’s a very sweet kind of guy. And this is why he doesn’t want anybody to play drunk, or under the influence of alcohol at all. So, if you’ve had a few drinks, please do not play mobile bingo whatsoever, because it could encourage you to make reckless decisions. Step away from the bingo, and consider going on a site like Facebook instead.

And finally, the most important competition of all – you could be winning a brand-new car on New Year’s Day. It’s a slots tournament, which means you must spin your way to the top of the leaderboard to scoop the top prize. And if you don’t want a car, you can always take the £5000 cash prize instead. Sign now for £15 free, and to join the fun.