Don’t be left out in the cold, as one of the latest bingo sites to offer a mobile version of their games is Iceland Bingo. If you are after a chance to chill out with some cool games (please do excuse the rather obvious puns) then this could be the mobile site for you.

The collaboration between a leading chain of frozen food shops and an online bingo site might seem a bit weird at first. Sure, any sort of bingo activity goes well with an easy to prepare snack or three but will this rather tenuous tie-in work in the long run?

Well, since it was launched with a bit of a fanfare back in 2012, the Iceland Bingo site has motored along very nicely. You may remember the funny TV advert that announced the site’s launch. Well, since then it has turned into a popular place to play some games. The notion that the site is getting along fine is further confirmed by the fact that it now has its very own mobile version to keep its legion of players happy.

Now you can try and win a jackpot while standing in the supermarket aisle trying to decide which of those frozen desserts looks the most appetising.

Downloading Iceland Bingo Mobile Games

Getting started at Iceland Bingo’s mobile site is easy as sticking a frozen pizza in the oven. Actually, it’s probably quite a bit easier, as there is usually that annoying plastic base to deal with before you can safely deposit it on the rack; whereas you can access the bingo site simply by clicking our link above.

You can play on this site using both Android and Apple smartphones. This means that the iPhone and a wide range of Android models are all supported. Android tablet and iPad can also be used to access the site.

When you click our link to play on this mobile site you will be transported smoothly to the website on your mobile device. At this point you will be asked if you want to download the app. You can then use your normal login details and will find that your details and balance are exactly same as when you last signed out of your account on your PC.  New players can sign up very quickly on their phone or tablet device when they reach the mobile site.

Iceland Bingo Mobile Games

The bingo and slots games you can play on your mobile are pretty much the same as you would do on your PC. This means that both 75 and 90 ball bingo are on offer, as well as some tempting slots games.

The site is powered by Dragonfish (888/Globalcom), so if you have used any of the other sites with this software you should feel at home right away. The games lobby is incredibly easy to navigate and you will see right away that there are free games you can have a go too.

Iceland Bingo Mobile Promotions

We don’t want to be greedy but a mobile specific promotion from Iceland Bingo would be nice at some point. For the moment, it looks as though we’ll have to make do with the site’s standard promotions.

Thankfully, these aren’t half bad. To get you up and running an initial deposit of £10 will be magically transformed by a 300% bonus into £40, similar to the way in which a tray of frozen, unappetising stuff can soon turn into a hot and tasty serving of Chicken Tikka Masala.

Many bingo players like to play on sites with loyalty rewards and on here you’ll find that the Iceland site has a rather pleasant scheme called the Iced Gems Club.

To sum up, this is a solid mobile bingo offering that gives you pretty much everything you could possibly ask for. It might not be the most visually thrilling site around but it lets you play some bingo wherever you are, which is what it’s all about really…. and let’s face it, if the Iceland store is good enough for Peter Andre then the bingo site has got to be good enough for us!